Camp Cosmic Elvis – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

I was standing in front of my tent thinking about organizing the mess inside when all of a sudden a patio table motored by. Complete with an umbrella and people perched on the benches surrounding the circular table. I was fascinated to say the least so I grabbed a couple beers from my cooler and hopped on. I had a great time getting a tour of the playa with my new friends who had somehow lost their camp. We drove around drinking tall cool ones and munching on juicy watermelon chunks.

I was tickled pink and having a blast being their longest rider, greeting the passengers. We would pick up random passersby up and and they would hop off when they got to where they were going. What a great way to meet other burners! As most people were still getting their camps organized, we were one of the few art cars touring around. It was quite comical that they couldn`t find their camp for two hours. I wrote it right on the table when we finally did get there so they wouldn`t lose themselves again. I thanked them for the ride and hopped off as we passed by my camp again.

I visited with my new neighbours Amira and North while we all nibbled on our afternoon snacks consisting of salsa, chips, puddings and granola bars. I learned that we were all a very talented bunch, all into the arts in one way or another. Flags, poi, staff, devil sticks, hula hooping, stilting, dancing, drawing, music, writing, filming, clowning, photography and poetry. Between the three of us, we had it all covered.

We decided that we would make renegade camp since we were slightly apart from the Cosmic Elves. We thought it was only fitting that we should be an offshoot called “Cosmic Elvis”. Who other than the King could rival our level of performance? We didn`t want to be missed after all and this was one good way of making sure were weren`t. North and I looked on approvingly as Amira skillfully drew up the sign which sported a picture based on a little Elvis Troll doll I coincidentally brought with me. We pasted our new theme camp sign up above our small but cozy camp of three. We all stood back admiring it for a moment and agreed it was better than good.

Grateful for modification.

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