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First Night out on the Playa – BRC, Nevada, United States

My patio table art car friends were zooming past again on their way to the DMV so I jumped back on for the ride. Apparently, all the art cars must be inspected and approved before they are deemed playa worthy. After a thorough check by the officer, he slapped on a sticker and we were set. He reminded us that in order to drive the car in the dark, it would have to come back and get a night license. I was impressed by the level of organization, care and safety being taken to ensure no burners got hurt. read more

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Camp Cosmic Elvis – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

I was standing in front of my tent thinking about organizing the mess inside when all of a sudden a patio table motored by. Complete with an umbrella and people perched on the benches surrounding the circular table. I was fascinated to say the least so I grabbed a couple beers from my cooler and hopped on. I had a great time getting a tour of the playa with my new friends who had somehow lost their camp. We drove around drinking tall cool ones and munching on juicy watermelon chunks. read more

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Cosmic Elves – 4:44 and Guess, Nevada, United States

My camp was called “Cosmic Elves” and it was our first year as an independent theme camp. As far as I could tell there were about 80 of us, mostly consisting of Canadians generally from Western Canada. Cosmic Elves are those who share a desire to nurture and explore Gaian intelligence and design as well a celebratory reunion with our galactic citizenship.

We are a group of conscious individuals working towards peace and harmony between humans and Mother Earth. There is an air of environmentally friendliness and personal (as well as group) spiritual growth. It was my observation that most of us were gentle, kind, generous and aware. I was honored and grateful to be part of such a highly evolved team. read more

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Lay of the Land – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

Monday was a long day, my first real day on the playa, and seemed like 48 rather than 24 hours. People were arriving throughout the day so there was still a feeling of unsettledness. I rode around on my bike a little bit scoping out the lay of the land. I was still in wonderment of the desert floor. The rough hardened earth cracked into an neverending maze was so foreign to me. I stared at the ground for sometime enthralled by the sheer beauty of its nature. I could already tell that the immaculate patterns would not last long after the thousands of burners trampled over them. Already the roads separating the sectioned streets were pounded down by the vehicles. The fine powdery dust would hang in the air creating a hazy cloud as a bike zoomed by. read more

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Setting up Shop – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

I woke feeling my throat was an odd level of scratchiness that was not comfortable at all. I stumbled out into the darkness locating Dylan and Casey who had just returned from a night bike exploration around the developing playa city. I managed to choke out a panicked “need water” to which they graciously gave me a nights supply. I realized at that point that this desert dust was something to respect and be mindful of. After learning it was only 430am I dragged myself back to bed and promptly passed out. read more

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Entering the Gates – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

We arrived to the outer limits of the line shortly after midnight when the gates opened. All I could think about was going to the bathroom after the couple of beers we had during the last rest stop. Just when I thought my bladder would burst, we pulled up to the porta potties. I have never been so relieved in my life.

I went to the ticket pick up window and the kind man who sorted me out, gave me my first gift. He had made a laminated card with a coded map of the playa which would be very handy for someone like me. I thanked him then proceeded through the gates where I got to ring the virgin bell. Security checked out our van (I was now riding with Dylan and Casey) and waved us through. read more

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