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Whacha gonna do when they come for you? – California Highway – 15 mins from Nevada Border, California, United States

It wasn`t long after we had clicked our seatbelts and were on our way before we got pulled over. Joey asked if we were all buckled in earlier to which I had answered in the affirmative, fully thinking I was. But somehow, I was mistaken and when I glanced down I noticed that I was actually not buckled in at all. I scrambled frantically fighting with the seatbelt which just happened to get stuck at that very moment. I collapsed in relief when I finally did get it secured just before the cop walked up to my window. read more

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Last Stop – Lakeview, Oregon, United States

Our last day before heading to Black Rock City and we were ready. We all woke before nine so we could enjoy the natural hotsprings at the motel. As it was Sunday, we had to get our use in before they pulled the plug to do the weekly cleaning. I hopped out of the van and made my way to the pool where I found Dylan, Casey and Anna well into their bath. read more

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