Packing on the Kms – Lakeview, Oregon, United States

We drove long and hard after a tense breakfast by the side of the road. We all tried to have a meeting and dissolve some of the stress but it didn`t seem to work. I guess it is a given when a group of strong minded individuals are shoved into a small space for any extended period of time. The fact that there were some unresolved issues and romantic history probably didn`t help matters.

Joey and I rode together in the Schwagon making pretty good time stopping only occasionally for the odd photo. The steep hills and sizzling temperatures are a strain so we also had to make several stops to cool the engine.

We finally got to the edge of Oregon where we stopped for the night at a hotel with hot springs. It was called Hunters and was owned by a man named Tim who we later learned was one of the first burners way back when. We pulled in quite late and thought we should find some food before hitting the sack.

We pulled into the restaurant across the street which stayed open an extra hour just for us. The owner sat and chatted with us cheerfully as we snacked away on the array of fried foods. Afterwards, I was able to connect to the net back at the campground/motel getting one last spurt of work in before I would be offline for 10 days.

Today I am grateful for wifi.

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