Shop till we Drop – Spokane, Washington, United States

We woke up this morning very early just as the sun was coming up. None of us had slept enough but we had to get moving or we may lose a whole day in procrastination. Somehow we ended up at Starbucks, some of us happier about this than others, and set up breakfast in the parking lot. Dylan prepared us a healthy bowl of goodness which we all devoured while basking in the sun.

We strolled across the road to the army surplus store where our interactions were less than kind. I was quite shocked by the racial comments and strong allusions towards pro-war. I found it quite difficult to hold my tongue but knew that my words of disgust would fall on deaf ears anyway. It didn`t take too long before I reached saturation and had to get out of there.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around thrift stores trying on costumes and hats of every shape, size and color. I was pleased with my purchases which included some light lingerie (good for the desert), wide brimmed straw hats, a 10 foot long black light reactive stuffed boa snake, and a kids bike. The bike was only 5 bucks and was fittingly called “Cosmic Dreamer” which would fit into my theme camp “Cosmic Elves”. It`s important to have a bike round the arid playa as walking a city of 40,000 can become exhausting.

We shopped for supplies for a picnic and headed into Spokane`s city center to enjoy a leisurely snack. I was able to get some work done on my laptop while watching the kids run through the large fountain beside the antique carousel. The mood was very relaxed and reminded more of a small country fair rather than a busy downtown of a major city.

It took us some time to leave as we got stuck in the Safeway picking up energy bars and beer. Every time I would come out, I would get sent back in for someone else. I couldn`t figure out why everyone was staring at me and making goofy smiles. I figured they were just like that around these parts but the truth came to me at the cash register. Someone chuckled a Ho Ho Ho behind me and I realized I still had the red reindeer antlers on my head. I had put them there because they kept getting squished in the back of the van.

We drove well into the night finally stopping roadside and passing out into the early hours of the morn. I was a little concerned when I woke to find that the boys had parked so dangerously close to the highway. I shuddered when I imagined some tired semi truck driver veering off and smashing into the white van with three sleeping girls.

Today I am grateful for thrift stores.

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