Into the Kootney`s – Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

We just passed from Alberta into British Columbia and the sun is tiptoeing over the horizon. She kisses the very tips of the mountain tops brightening their color into soft shade of pink. The wedding of the lush green pines and soft beige sandy giant rocks remind me how spectacular nature`s pallet is.

I rested deeply while Joey drove all through the night bringing us safely into the light of day. We just passed through Crows Nest Pass, small train towns nestled into the valley of the Rocky Mountains. We talked about Franks Slide which is a mountain that suddenly collapsed crushing a whole town. The smooth steep curvature contrasted by the enormous jagged boulders that once made the mountain.

We indulged in few touristy stops to take in the pureness of the nature enveloping us mile by mile, mountain by lake. After a quick café stop where I had to taste the iced Carmello, we headed off to visit a buddy of Joeys. James lives on the mountainside in the forest and deals with trees and wood. He showed us some beautiful pieces and I was astounded by the sheer size of this one Redwood trunk. He gave us some spring water which apparently increases your strength.

Next we zoomed over to the ferry and clipped across to Nelson. Joey was excited about the parade of 12 racing porsches whizzing past us. They were in pristine condition probably because the owners seemed to be shining them up every time they stopped. Nelson is a charming small lakeside city tucked into the mountains. It’s very much a hippy town with a smooth relaxed pace.

We met up with the other half of our crew, then went for dinner. More Indian of course but as Joey and I hadn’t slept, we started the table into a stir of silliness. It was fun times with Palak Paneer and Onion Bahja. Tho we tried to have a meeting about the trip, not much planning took place due to the sleep depo and lake of focus. We were beat and pretty much crashed hard shortly after we arrived back home.

Today I am grateful for long drives.

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