Flashy send off

It took me a day to pack everything I would need to get through the freezing cold nights and scorching hot days I would be enduring on the Playa. The things I didn`t have were graciously lent to me by David who is a self proclaimed camping gear hoarder.

I packed up many things I thought I could gift and trade becoming more excited by the minute. I finished my laundry, packed my bags and even fit a few costumes in there for good measure.

An energetic Joey arrived in the Schwagon, pleased as punch that he had fixed it up to his standards. Our boy wonder has rigged his van into a home/party/office on wheels. He packed it up like a tetris pro and we were off. Just as we pulled onto the highway, the storm started. The temperature had been hovering over +30 C all day so it wouldn`t have been such a huge shocker (excuse the pun) except that it had waited until so late to befall us.

Thick bolts of lightening greedily shattered the darkness three and four at a time. No less than two seconds would pass before another round of would crash down, illuminating the heavens. Joey and I gasped in awe at the spectacular display of natures fireworks.

This went on for a solid half hour straight and I had to wonder where all this explosive energy was coming from. We both yelled in surprise as we witnessed one glowing shard seemingly puncture the earth, blowing up something at its end. They say its rare for lightening to strike the same spot twice but I am positive that it HAD to have striken the same spots 4 or 5 times at least. There was just so much activity that there was no way it couldn`t.

We actually stopped the van for a while to appreciate fully this tremendous demonstration of power. The lines of light rippled down to the earth holding for seconds before fading into the darkness only to be replaced seconds later by another. Some horizontally cracked the sky in half and other lit up entire fields.

An extremely eerily beautiful moment as a small lake lit up like a reverse day. The closest thing I can compare it to was an X Ray or a negative but even that doesn`t quite justify it as it was in complete fullness. J and I discussed how lucky we were to be blessed with such an majestic and remarkable send off. Storms are so very cleansing so we leave the place fresher than we found it.

Now we have just passed Calgary and I am yawning more frequently. We are rocking out to some quality tunes and making decent time. I think I may just lay down for a little nap. It has been a solid few weeks and I get the feeling, its about to get even stronger.

Today I am grateful for delays.

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