Cool Cats

Jen, Dave and I went for Indian then we ventured out to Whyte for dessert. There we met up with QC who helped us demolish the decadent chocolate creations. I was able to see my entire family thanks to a BBQ put on by my parents on Sunday afternoon.

It was so nice to have much overdue heart to heart with my big brother, Paul and his wife Shauna. After stuffing myself silly, I hobbled home and lobbed myself into bed. Monday I peppered visits with special friends with urgent errands. Lisa and I dined on sushi then I met Petra to wander the Fringe festival. Petra gave me my first hula hoop which I will try to learn at the Burn.

At the Fringe, I ran into Kurt who is a hip and conscious Aussie designer who travels the world with his creations. I had met in a week ago at Shambhala assuring him I would see him again. After seeing the look of surprised delight when he recognized me “au natural” rather than in party mode, I was convinced. We had previously discussed working together on a few projects and after spending just a few more minutes with him, this charismatic cat had me sold. He gave me a bunch of his unique hats in exchange for the spoken contract that I would do some work for him in the future. I also gifted him with some fabric and my childhood Alf doll which suits his sense of humor and his store, The Cat`s Pyjamas, quite well.

With time running out, I raced home and made some supper before heading to a movie with some more of my favorite friends. Shelley, Chandra, Chris and Ken joined me to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” which was playing at the Princess Theatre. As aware as I am about the environment and global warming, this movie really shocked me. I guess seeing it laid out so clearly and with such strong visuals leaves a heavy mark. It`s a very powerful portrayal of the big picture and thought provoking on so many levels.

Today I am grateful for presence.

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