Nephews First Fishing Trip

In the few days I had between returning from Shambhala and leaving for Burning Man, I accomplished a lot. I returned on Wednesday late afternoon and found out I had only 12 hours to prepare to take my nephews camping. It was our first of what will be an annual Auntie-Nephew camping/fishing adventure. I was a bit nervous because they are still just finding their feet and haven`t spent much time away from their parents. I made sure that we stayed relatively near the city in case they needed to use their emergency ride home option.

We arrived and decided on site #16 which we all agreed had the best view of the lake. After setting up our tents (the boys set theirs up all by themselves), it was time for Fishing 101. What a feeling to share one of my favorite pastimes with two of my favorite people. And even better was how enthusiastic they were!

We fished until the sun went down when I had to lure them away from the lake with the promise of tasty treats. After a yummy invention of sloppy joe hotdogs, we roasted marshmallows on the fire that we all helped build. I showed them how to smush the toasted gooey sweetness between a couple of maple cream cookies making sugar sandwiches. Instead of flashlights, we cracked glowsticks which really amused the boys.

We enjoyed a surprise fireworks show from across the lake just before we turned in for bed. I heard the boys giggling and was really proud of them for braving it out in their own tent. I watched shooting stars graze the clear night sky until my lids got heavy and I too, fell into a slumber.

The next morning, I found that I had created a couple of fishing fanatics. I was woken up quite early by an excited little boy who was anxious to get his line in the water. Nubian and I fished from the shore not far from the tent where Khaalid was sleeping in. After breakfast, we all packed up then headed down to the dock to fish some more. We caught a few fish and one was quite big but we set him free anyhow. As we drove back to the city, the boys made me promise that we would go again. I can`t even tell you how happy that made me.

Today I am grateful for fishing.

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