Dancing makes you young again

When the beeping woke me, I laid there for about 30 seconds contemplating going back to sleep instead of getting out there into the cold night air. With a little effort, I dressed myself in my party skirt and stumbled out of my tent. I figured that dancing to Psy Trance at the Portal stage would wake and warm me up. I moved about finding my friends one by one enjoying the heaviness of Hallucinogen. I danced around for a while and taught a young girl about flags. Once she had them, she couldn`t put them down and it was nice to see someone so exuberant about learning.

I went to the Village to check out Bass Nectar but it didn`t hold me very long as it was way too packed to move much less dance. Lorin`s set was a little too slow for my as I was still just trying to come up. I bounced around the Fractal for a bit before heading back to the Portal for some more of my preferred genre, psy trance. I toured the circular dance floor meeting just about everyone with my happy grin. I made it my mission to find the frowns and turn them upside down. It worked. I found so many people to dance with and felt my energy levels skyrocketing. I must have met everyone and made quite a few new friends, young, old, big, small, short, and tall. All in all, the mood was uplifting even tho we were all digging far into our reserves for this last bit of dance. It was a solid effort.

After rocking it out hard, I went for a walk to find water. On the way, I smiled as I noticed some of the art that I had painted the year before being utilized this year as well. In my head I heard a satisfied little “I did that”, so proud to have contributed to this positive event. I went back to camp for a spell meeting up for a quick chat with the crew. I learned which stage they were heading to next and told them I would meet them there. After all, it was 5am and there was only 7 hours of dancing left in Shambhala 2006. I have heard rumors that next year will be the last year for this festival. After 10 intensely successful, they would shut her down. If that is true, then I am going to squeeze every last drop of this precious place in this magical moment.

I spent the last few hours with my close friends tearing up the Fractal Forest to the fat beats of Richie Rich. He played some of our favorite songs beefed up electro style. I was elated that through the whole weekend, we had all wandered off doing our own thing but somehow managed to all end up here together. Sweetness. The last hour, we all danced as hard as we could, sweat pouring down in the hot mid-day sun. Water was being passed out for free and we were using in. I took a break plopping myself down in the blow up green easy chair someone had placed in the middle of the dance floor. There was a naked old man dancing up there on the platform directly in front of the DJ booth giving his all. Here is someone`s grandpa showing us all up with his extent of his energy and size of his balls.

Shambhala was 1000 times better for me this year than last. I shudder to think of how great its going to be for me next summer. It`s a haven that people dream about all year long and the first thing that goes on your calendar. Someone said to me that there are two things to look forward to every year…Christmas and Shambhala. Along with the great music comes creativity, kindness, tranquility, nature, imagination, laughter, optimism, play, wishes fulfilled, innocence, growth and love.

Today I am grateful for freedom.

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