Miss Dress Up

Sunday was pretty relaxed and I took my time doing a few errands suddenly wondering where the day had gone. I dressed up then wandered down to the food vendors to treat myself to a healthy dinner. I decided on the Indian food simply because they had the most sauces. I love sauce and if my food can`t swim, it will generally have a problem. I ate slowly contemplating my surroundings feeling grateful to live in a country that enjoys such freedom.

I spent some time watching passerbys skip along playfully showing off their creative, sexy and always interesting garb. I saw quite a few boys wearing tutus by now and girls wearing mustaches. There were robots, cats, superheros, aliens, giant disco balls, and larger than life Care Bears. Some people didn`t even bother wearing anything at all as Shambhala is one place that you will find nakedness at every level. One guy asked me why I dress up and I answered “Why not?”

With my belly full, I strolled along and decided to take a rest in the Seed of Life tent which was playing extremely relaxing tunes. I thought I would meditate for a while but somehow ended up asleep. I woke up a few hours later a bit confused and very much in a daze. It was near 11pm now and I was a bit worried that I may not be able to summon the strength to party the last night of the festival. I let myself take a power nap but set my watch alarm for midnight.

Today I am grateful for costumes.

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