Fairy Friends

I ran into Chelsea who I had met briefly before at a couple of parties but never really got to know too deeply. She made me a yummy burrito and then we went on a mission together. We navigated the thousands of tents to find one that her friends were at then weaved back through the metropolis.

That night, I was chosen to lead Chelseas group of friends who had now dubbed themselves the “Twisted Pixies”. We wandered from stage to stage dancing up a storm in each one. We ran into Stephanie who immediately joined our parade of people. Chelsea christened her with fairy dust and Steph was overjoyed to be now one of our tribe.

After leading the group for a while longer, I escorted Steph to the beach stage to put away her giant pink fun fur cloak. She was having trouble dancing with it so we wanted to ditch in the secret tent that was set up nearby. We ended up getting a little lost and rolling around the beach for the next few hours. We were one big ball of pink fur giggling non stop. When we finally did find our feet, we had trouble with our sense of direction. Luckily we came upon a helpful couple who led us around to the places we needed to go.

We found that we had lost the Twisted Pixies so we decided to go for a walk to our new friends camp where were treated to MORE homemade blueberry pancakes. After a nice visit and a little rest, Steph and I went to do some shopping. We were disappointed to find out that the magical fairy cloak hats had sold out in the first couple days. The lady said she would custom make one for Steph and mail it to her. I lent Steph my hat for a while and found it looked just as cute on her. We dressed our tutus and fairy wings then made our way to the beach once again.

I got restless and ended up wandering off back to my tent. I was very tempted to have a nap but fought the urge. I got back to the stage just in time for Shpongle which turned out to be my favorite act of the weekend. They laid down the beats in a way I have never heard before. People seemed to be vibrating from the intense energy that was coming from the stage. I was uber impressed and decided that I would have to get myself some of these tracks asap. I danced a little and then just relaxed while I let the Psy Dub take me higher and higher. I must have had quite the grin on my face because I remember a few people around me commenting on it.

Today I am grateful for giggles.

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