Dancing Princess and her Royal Family

That night, the Twisted Pixies asked me to be their leader again and tour them around. We all dressed up in elaborate costumes and looked quite fantabulous as we marched around. Jenna and Zack had just gotten married a few days before and were on their honeymoon. Their fairytale wedding was done with a mystical medival flavor so you can imagine the attention we got. We all danced around the Portal getting our fill of Psy Trance with our cloaks, staffs, gowns and capes. Trevor Moontribe captivated us with dark forceful peaks and valleys of sound.

We stomped away to Bassnectar in the Fractal Forest which is one of my favorite stages to dance at. With the trippy lightshow, multilevel dancing stages, and vivid screen visuals there is never a dull moment. I spent some time entertaining with my flags up on the the giant tree stump podium high above the crowd. I loved it up there and could see the mob literally pulsating to the overstated bass rocking through their bones.

Jenna and I were flagging at main stage when we were asked to go backstage and shadow dance on the podium in front of everyone. We were delighted and gave it our all giggling the whole time. At one point in the night, I remember just watching all my friends and feeling so grateful to have such an amazing bunch of people in my life.

After a while, we went to the beach and spun some fire. It was an honor to spin with such talent and it was a shame that we were shut down so quickly. Security told us that we would have to stop as open fires were not permitted. Jenna, Zack, Don and I spun one last round before blowing out our wicks.

Just before the dark started fading, we were treated to an impressive explosion of renegade fireworks which were part of our newlyweds` celebration. Every now and then someone rebel sets of a spark or two but we had a good 3 or 4 minutes of multicolored shooting stars. Warm and fuzzy feelings ensued. I love fireworks.

Everyone else tired out and headed to bed but Zack, Don and I still had energy to burn so we decided to tour the stages one last time. The men dressed as knights in white cloaks with royal emblems. They danced on either side of me protecting their cloaked “princess” from evildoers. I felt so special and was quite amused by the looks we were getting. After a sunrise coffee on the beach, I relieved them of their duty. It wasn`t too much after that that I dragged myself into a heavy sleep barely making into my tent.

Today I am grateful for dancing.

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