Daily Archives: 2006-08-11

Fairy Friends

I ran into Chelsea who I had met briefly before at a couple of parties but never really got to know too deeply. She made me a yummy burrito and then we went on a mission together. We navigated the thousands of tents to find one that her friends were at then weaved back through the metropolis. read more

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Dancing Princess and her Royal Family

That night, the Twisted Pixies asked me to be their leader again and tour them around. We all dressed up in elaborate costumes and looked quite fantabulous as we marched around. Jenna and Zack had just gotten married a few days before and were on their honeymoon. Their fairytale wedding was done with a mystical medival flavor so you can imagine the attention we got. We all danced around the Portal getting our fill of Psy Trance with our cloaks, staffs, gowns and capes. Trevor Moontribe captivated us with dark forceful peaks and valleys of sound. read more

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