Ask and ye shall recieve

I woke up with blueberry pancakes on my brain. I had been dreaming about them and then suddenly overheard people at the next tent talking about making them for breakfast. I felt a little sad that I hadn`t brought stuff to make some because I was craving them really bad. I dragged myself out of bed and thought to head down to the food vendors to grab something to eat. On my way, I came upon a sign that some girls had just put up next to their camp. I was astonished that somehow my dream had manifested and two dollars later, I was chowing down. I was all smiles after devouring my hot organic blueberry pancakes smothered in real maple syrup.

With my tummy full, I took a stroll around the shops checking out the stuff for sale. Ornate trinkets made out of blown glass or twisted metals or braided hemp and gemstones. Handsewn, knitted or crocheted creations in styles most unique and stunning. Daring, flowing, vibrant fashions displayed artfully in the rows of white tents. I was looking for fire poi since mine were stolen a few weeks ago at the last festival I attended. I was a little sad to see that this year, no one was selling them but I did discover a few beauties.

I found an awesome handmade hat so distinctive that it was a must have. I tried on many different colors settling on one that seemed to fit my head best. The maker also sold me a pair of leg warmers also made from the recycled material. Most of the girls from my camp scurried to the shop to get a cloak hat before they sold out. It was a hot commodity and people were offering quadruple what we paid if we would sell it to them. They were very fuzzy cloak hats that seemed to match your personality and mold to your head shape. I was asked to sell mine and promptly refused. They are a trademark of this years event and will be fondly remembered as such. I was hard pressed to take the thing off, even as I slept. One lady said she was sure she saw little elves or ewoks running around at night. I giggled and realized that they very much make one look quite mystical or animal-like.

My other great find was a full length knitted white sweater complete with a hood. It was a no brainer and I scrounged up all my pennies to make the deal. I know it was a good decision because of the endless compliments I received whenever I wore it. I am not a huge shopper but once in a while, I find something that just suits me so well it would be a crime to let it go.

I ended up going to sleep early again especially since the weather wasn`t exactly co-operating. Over two days, I got almost 30 hours of sleep which made me very confident that I would be able to make it through the weekend of partying without too much trouble.

Today I am grateful for bartering.

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