Catch up sleeps

After locating our friends who had arrived weeks before to volunteer with setup, we set up our tents. I was pleased to see that most of the people I know from Edmonton, though in different “crews”, had somehow managed to all camp beside each other.

I visited and greeted newcomers as they streamed in carload by carload. Our reserved area quickly filled up with familiar faces. I was quite exhausted and the sun was really taking it out of me. I decided to go to sleep early and ended up sleeping till about noon the next day. When I peered out of my little tent, I noticed that quite a few more tents had mushroomed up.

I took a walk around to the stages which seemed to be quite behind schedule. I wondered if they would be ready to open on time but then remembered that I thought the same thing last year and it had all worked out. We went to the beach and took a swim in the river. It was chilly but refreshing from the strong Kootney sun which was already boosting my tan.

I was really tired again so I laid down for a nap but slept too long. I woke at around 11pm and heard that it was raining pretty hard outside. I snuggled into my sleeping bag even further and drifted back into dreamland.

Today I am grateful for rainy day naps.

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