Road to Shambhala

My friends picked me up from work so we could leave the city as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I forgot my tent at home so we had to go by my house anyway. I ended up falling asleep shortly after we hit the highway only to wake up just as we entered downtown Calgary. I was a bit confused as this was completely out of the way and would no doubt tack on at least another hour onto our drivetime. After missing the exit towards the freeway out of town, we got stuck behind some huge mile long police roadblock. I was frustrated and hungry as we drove around lost in the burbs of this sprawling city while the sun drifted further into the horizon.

At around 7am we got to Creston, the small town just before Salmo River Ranch where the Shambhala Music Festival is held every year. We grabbed a few snacks and coffee in anticipation of the long line to get in. They opened the doors one day early this year so people could set up their camps.

I gasped in surprise as we drove past the hundreds of cars bumper to bumper along the highway. The gates had just opened and the line was creeping along slowly. We waited inching our car down the ridiculously long and dusty dirty road our patience growing thin.

The word was that they were searching each and every car with a fine tooth comb. Apparently they had already confiscated tables and tables of alcohol of all shapes and sizes. We all watched in silence as a police cruiser barreled out transporting some drug offenders.

Hours later, five to be exact, our turn came up and our car was thoroughly taken apart. Piece by piece they went through our bags and looked through, under and over everything. Ofcourse they found nothing and we were allowed to pass to receive our wristbands. Yay! Finally we had made it to Shambhala 2006!

Today I am grateful for arriving.

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