Stop at the Fruit Stands

On Sunday, Shelley, Marco and I took a short day trip to the Rockies. We brunched in Canmore dotting the cute little town with our presences leaving just before the storm kicked up. Reminded me of all the mountain dreams I had been formulating. I found the most beautiful antique writing set in the store and I am not sure why I didn`t buy it. The glass pen was almost identical to the ones I saw in the Czech Republic.

We wanted to get back before sundown so Shelley and I left Calgary in late afternoon. It was so good to have a quick jaunt into nature even if it was only for a second. We drove down highway 2 singing and eating BC cherries. Tis fruity season and there are cherry, peach and corn stands all over the place inviting motorists to partake. I wonder if that will ever change? I love being able to buy fruit from the guys who picked it. How fresh.

I have been just trying to tie up loose ends around my house and getting myself psyched up to move. I hate moving. I think its one of the weird paradoxes that I can backpack happily around the world moving everyday but when its time to move house…oh boy. I am going through the layers of crap and it is exhausting. Frustrated wondering just what I was thinking when I thought to keep every random receipt or scrap. Anyway. I seem to be making a dent so I will just keep going.

I am just gearing up to head off to a music festival in BC for a week. I guess I am starting to adjust better to the not traveling. But its because of these little trips that my sanity stays intact. So vital to my existence to feed that inner travel dudette screaming for more more MORE!

Today I am grateful for planes flying by overhead.

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