On Saturday morning, my realtor picked me up and whisked me off to my new condo. It was possession day which means the keys are mine. Unfortunately I inherited some renters with my spectacular view. In a month or two, they will leave and I will be able to fill the place with my stuff rather than theirs. It was a bit weird sitting there trying to absorb the fact that I now own this space because I can`t make it mine. Not just yet.

Next I had to go pick up Magic who has been at kitty camp for the past few weeks. I brought her home and let her get reacquainted with home once again. After creeping around the rooms sniffing everything once again, she nestled herself onto her favorite window sill. It didn`t take long until we fell into our old routines and I realized just how much I had missed her.

I chattered on about what was new as she listened attentively perched on the edge of my bath. Gathering bubbles up in her paw and tasting them as I washed my hair. I explained to her that we would be moving soon and though her roaming space would be smaller, we would be higher. I know she will like that.

Today I am grateful for patience.

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