Impromptu Dinner and Dancing

Shelley picked me up late that afternoon and we began our road trip to Calgary. I love these surprise mini-trips that manifest out of nowhere. We stopped to grab some snacks and then were off down the highway. Shell played leapfrog with the big trucks and other roadtrippers on their way to Cowtown. We passed through a short but intense storm which threw some heavy rain and hail at us. Shell asked it to stop because she didn`t want any dents her new car and as swiftly ads it began, it ended. And then the sun came out beaming rays of light through the misty clouds.

We arrived at her friend Marcos house and chatted with the other dinner guests over martinis. We dined outside and had some excellent conversation which at times, led into boisterous bouts of laughter. We had quite the one liners and everyone seemed to have their wit meters turned up full blast. After filling our tummies with delicious and healthy fare, we made our way out to a salsa bar.

There was a live band, Los Morrenos, playing a type of music that seemed to be a hybrid between funky soul and world beats. The people watching had us in stitches and though I was too tired to dance, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did find it strange that Calgary seems to have their smoking laws mixed up. How bizarre that you are permitted to smoke inside but not allowed to light up outside. I was a bit annoyed by some careless dancer who not only just about knocked me over but charred me with his cigarette. I accepted his apology but sternly advised him to quit if he can`t control himself. It`s one thing to kill yourself slowly but another to burn others around you. Ouch.

I was pleased to meet some new friends who had similar values and sense of humor. After sharing several stories, I realized that there is certainly truth to the saying “birds of a feather, flock together”. After a long night, I was more than ready for sleep especially as I hadn`t gotten any the night before. I tumbled into bed and proceeded to have several latino flavored dreams.

Today I am grateful for fresh air.

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