Daily Archives: 2006-07-31

Impromptu Dinner and Dancing

Shelley picked me up late that afternoon and we began our road trip to Calgary. I love these surprise mini-trips that manifest out of nowhere. We stopped to grab some snacks and then were off down the highway. Shell played leapfrog with the big trucks and other roadtrippers on their way to Cowtown. We passed through a short but intense storm which threw some heavy rain and hail at us. Shell asked it to stop because she didn`t want any dents her new car and as swiftly ads it began, it ended. And then the sun came out beaming rays of light through the misty clouds. read more

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On Saturday morning, my realtor picked me up and whisked me off to my new condo. It was possession day which means the keys are mine. Unfortunately I inherited some renters with my spectacular view. In a month or two, they will leave and I will be able to fill the place with my stuff rather than theirs. It was a bit weird sitting there trying to absorb the fact that I now own this space because I can`t make it mine. Not just yet. read more

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