Mid Summer-y

It`s hard to believe that we are just at the half way point but August is right around the corner. I guess now would be a good time for a summer-y of what I have been up to. The summer started when I went to Hawaii and I was able to get quite a nice base tan that I have slowly been building on. Its really the first time I have maintained a tan all season. I usually can`t be bothered to take the time out to go lay out. I just get too hot and bored but it`s been really easy to just grab a few rays at a time. I usually just wear a little less and walk around outside more. Edmonton is well known for having the highest number of sunlight hours in all of Canada. I have taken full advantage of this but I think this will be first and last time I ever make an effort to stay bronzed for the whole summer. Was an interesting experiment but I don`t want to look like leather when I`m forty.

I have gone to some outdoor events such as music festivals and plays. I have even gone to see some movies but I am finding the real gems are few and far between. I have attempted watching some TV but that didn`t work out very well. Again, the short attention span won out and I would find myself going for a rollerblade or inventing some new recipe. I skipped the Capital Ex which is Edmonton`s main carnival, formerly known as Klondike Days. I have spent more time in cafes writing and people watching on Whyte Ave. There are some very interesting subjects to study and I seldom get bored there. The tea shop I frequent even renamed one of their drinks at my suggestion. It appears I may have a little bit of wordsmithing in my blood after all.

“Would you like to sample a Tropical Luau tea slush?”

“So…um…what other kind of luau is there?”
“Good point. Maybe a german luau?”
“Doubt it. Why don`t you call it Tropical Magic? Every one will want to try the mysterious new MAGICAL tea slush.”
And they did. After that, the free samples just flew off the tray.

And a new name was born.

I have relieved my mother and father of their over abundance of raspberries. They can`t pick them fast enough so I have been over there helping them so as not to waste the plump red berries. I have invented several new recipes and have learned that raspberries can be added to just about everything except eggs. I would be very surprised if I didn`t have raspberry flavored blood by now. I have more or less gotten over my age old gripe with berry seeds. I still don`t like them but I have learned to tolerate them as it is not easy to de-seed a raspberry. I am sure somehow it can be done but I don`t think it is my calling in life to find out how.

Today I am grateful for forging for food.

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