Daily Archives: 2006-07-30

Mid Summer-y

It`s hard to believe that we are just at the half way point but August is right around the corner. I guess now would be a good time for a summer-y of what I have been up to. The summer started when I went to Hawaii and I was able to get quite a nice base tan that I have slowly been building on. Its really the first time I have maintained a tan all season. I usually can`t be bothered to take the time out to go lay out. I just get too hot and bored but it`s been really easy to just grab a few rays at a time. I usually just wear a little less and walk around outside more. Edmonton is well known for having the highest number of sunlight hours in all of Canada. I have taken full advantage of this but I think this will be first and last time I ever make an effort to stay bronzed for the whole summer. Was an interesting experiment but I don`t want to look like leather when I`m forty. read more

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