Play Time

One nice thing about Edmonton summers is the multitude of things to do at any given time, on any given day. If and when you are bored, it is completely your choosing. I have been feeling bored lately then I realized that this was a state in my control. So I decided to throw myself in the thick of things starting with a visit to the highly acclaimed Shakespeare in the Park.

After a few laps around Hawrelak Park on my rollerblades, I settled onto a blanket and watched the modern take of “Taming of the Shrew”. It was well done and had me laughing out loud in many moments. The weather was perfect with not even a waft of wind and the temperature hovering around 28 C.

I glanced around just before the intermission just in time to catch a frisky little squirrel bounding by playfully just meters from me. I imagined that we were back in the 1500s enjoying these plays directed by the man himself. It`s amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

One of my favorite day`s lately is grabbing some sushi to go and a few cool drinks (just discovered Yuha passionfruit/guava coolers with 55% fruit juice…YUM!) then heading to the park. Either we will rollerblade around or just laze in the green grass watching the boys play frisbee or the kids chasing ducks. Couples stroll hand in hand and the dads light up the barbqs for the family picnics.

Another great way to escape the smoldering summer heat is to head to the Legislative Grounds.

Yesterday the wading pool was packed with young and old alike looking for some reprieve from the sizzling sun. Along with kids and their water wings were some teenage girls floating on their air mats perfecting their tan.

I soaked my legs in the cool water and I wondered how the wedding party on the cement steps of the Legislative Building was able to manage the photo session. My question was answered as the tux clad groomsmen briskly made their way to the ice cream vendor during a break.

My friend just bought herself a convertible PT cruiser so we zoomed around town with our hair blowing in the wind. At one point, a car full of guys tried to pick us up as we sped down the highway. We just giggled in disbelief as they stretched their arm far out the window offering us a beer. The heat does funny things to people.

Today I am grateful for cool basements.

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