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Free Sample Conumdrum

I am sitting outside my favorite tea shoppe enjoying the balmy weather with a cool ice tea. The girl is giving out free samples to passersby and I am getting a real chuckle at their reactions. As typical commercial ice tea in Canada is sweetened, people make quite the face when they taste the natural taste of good ol` authentic iced sans the sugar. One guy walked past only to back up admitting in a quite amusing robotic voice “that would be re-fresh-ing”. It`s comical to hear what comments people make after sampling the drink. “Tastes like potpourri.” “Interesting!” “A for effort” and “hummmm”….are a few of the latest. Generally though, they just shift from foot to foot trying to think of some complimentary one liner that will seem grateful but not too interested. Afterall, free samples are a touchy situation as you want to be polite but not feel obligated to go in and buy anything. read more

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