Notion of Commotion with the Motion of the Ocean

I have had quite a lot of changes lately and it appears that there are more to come. Finally all the bank stuff with the new property is done but negotiations were not easy. Mortgages, interest rates and property assessments used to be hip to my slang but now, it appears that I have lost the language. I sat there signing oodles of paperwork feeling quite clueless. My only guess is that brain cells that were used for budgets and finance and technologies are a bit rusty. I realized that I should really be old hat at this having done it twice before. It appears that I go through this re-financing/property buying phase every 5 years. It seems to be the one investment that seems most profitable in this economy.

We are finally getting a few good storms complete with sheet lightening, booming thunder and heavy downpours. Just this past weekend, I attended an outdoor music festival (Motion Notion) and we got a good taste of good ol`Alberta weather. A few good cloudbursts in the evenings cooled things off making layered outfits a must.

Nestled in a valley, the ominous thick fog that would roll in just before dawn sent a chill though everyone still dancing. The hot scorching days made it impossible to sleep off the party from the night before.

Inevitably, there were a few long stretches of wakefulness peppered with heavy dancing resulting in quite the state of exhaustion.

Overall, it was great to spend some time with old and new friends enjoying some good beats and positive energy. I found a couple of cute brothers, Morgan and Conrad, whose flagging skills and playful nature impressed me deeply. I am still wondering if their friends, Hope and Joy, were actually their real names. It was hard not to have a good time with this group as they have partying down to an artform. Their secret, they said, was to make sure to stay in the moment.

Thanks to Jason, our photographer extraordinaire, for the photos…to see more go to his site at Jason`s Motion Notion Photos

I am not sure when I have ever seen my feet so dirty and opted to come home a day early rather than camp the extra night. I was so glad to snuggle up into my own bed after scrubbing myself squeaky clean. My energy deficit seems to be stabilizing and I have decided to get into a healthy diet over the next few weeks. Today I stocked up on salads, fruits and veggies hoping to rid myself of the health rollercoaster rides that I sometimes indulge in.

I was listening to a study that said that no matter how long you exercise for, it will benefit you. So rather than taking a 30 min run, take a few 10 min sprints through the day. I guess it is the idea that every little bit helps. It makes sense to me but I often wonder who comes up with these “facts”. One minute eggs/milk/fish/whole grains/(fill in misc foodstuff) are bad for you, the next they are essential part of a balanced diet. The scientific community just seems to change its mind so quickly that I just can`t keep up. I suppose I will have to just experiment and do what works for me rather than fret over all the conflicting statistics.

Today I am grateful for playing.

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