I have been especially lethargic after the string of disappointments I have felt lately. My car was robbed just reinforcing my decision to leave this neighbourhood. Ok. So I didn`t lock the door in my optimistic naivety. But now I am finding myself double and triple checking all my locks, house and car, are secured. I feel a touch Obsessive Compulsive and really have to concentrate on putting my anxiety back into perspective. Shame on you little thieves who spiralled me into a spot of suspiciousness!

Things have been super hot and I have found myself using the heat as an excuse to laze around. It`s been extra hard to get myself out of the house for my daily run or rollerblade. I also have fallen prey to the mindlessness of TV programming but I`m not a lost cause just yet. Afterall, I only have peasantvision and the crackling fuzziness really annoys me.

So just under an hour of watching some rockstar reality show and my guilty conscience drove me out the door. I jogged double my normal track as I watched the electric pink clouds dissipate into dusk. The temperature was still +25 C at 930pm and with the impending storm that Environment Canada has been warning us about, the humidity made it warmer. It felt like a warm wool sweater outside and the air was thick without a breeze.

I discovered that they have extended the path near my house all the way down into the new developments. Everywhere I look, there is construction another indicator the Edmonton housing market is hotter than ever. Prices and sales records are making news all over the papers. Properties are being sold well above list forcing buyers into nasty bidding wars.

I nodded gently greeting the passersby who all seemed to be older couples hobbling along for their after dinner stroll. There were a few athletic types with dogs but almost all had grey hair. A couple young teenagers zipped by me with BMX bikes and backwards caps. I sighed reminding myself that soon enough I would be more in my own element.

After flipping through a magazine and doing some work online, I checked the weather warnings once again. I felt concern for the forest fires that are raging out of control forcing many out of their homes. I know that the lighting wouldn`t have helped them but surely the downpour would have dampened the destruction.

Closer to home, my poor lawn is turning a lighter shade of straw yellow thirsting for some precipitation. My black cat, Magic, has taken to darting around the sweltering house with her tongue sticking out panting like a Saint Bernard. I felt a little disappointed to see that all the thunderstorm watches had been lifted. There would be no rain tonight.

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