Summertime is here!

Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the entire year. I spent some time with my mom last night and ended up sleeping over. She fed me some yummy homemade borcht (beet stew) which I absolutely love. It didn`t even need the dollop of sour cream that I usually add to it.

I haven`t had a good nights sleep for a while yet I am managing to get through the day with a reasonable amount of energy. I have picked up a few hours a week at a chiropractic and wellness center. I am convinced this is one of the reasons I am feeling in better health. Not only am I around people who are in the healing profession, the general atmosphere of the place is positive. I meet some interesting characters and get great health advice to boot. When it`s slow, they even encourage me to work on my TravelPod.

I was talking to the physiotherapist about acupuncture and whether it really was as painful as it looks. Before I knew it he had popped a thin long needle into my arm from a little tube, telling me it would give me some energy. I was shocked that it was less intrusive than a bug bite. I mentioned that the real problem was my month old sprained ankle which was stubbornly refusing to heal. He matter of factly picked up my foot and snapped my ankle back into place. Apparently, it was just sitting wrong. All this sitting on my ball chair at the front desk. Amazing. What better place for such an accident prone person as I to spending time in?

I came home at noon and decided now was as good a time as any to wash my car. I hauled out the hose and cleaned panel after multi-colored panel. It sure makes the job easier when the whole thing is color coded. I watered my newly sprinkled grass seeds urging them to germinate quickly. I have a few empty patches to fill from the Round Up incident a few years ago. That`s was back when I thought more would be better and ended up killing off most of my lawn in my war against weeds. I finally seem to have found an effective cure to my ant problem under the sidewalk blocks. Mom`s suggested mixture of icing sugar and Borax seems to have lessened the teaming population to a meager few stray non-sweet tooths.

I stood in my kitchen for sometime today trying to decide just what I really use and what I don`t. I certainly don`t have room to take it all with me when I move. I think a blender is important so I can make my smoothies that I love so much. A toaster seems essential but I don`t use it very often except for toasted tomato sandwiches. As much as I love my Foreman Grill, I don`t think there will be room for it. The electric wok is going to have to take a walk. The electric kettle is coming for sure but I will have to think carefully about the coffee maker.

I worked on TravelPod for the afternoon then tried to have a nap. Magic wasn`t having it and persisted in licking my face until I got up. I jumped in my runners and went for a jog with my MP3 player. I went on a little adventure past the nearby neighborhoods that I haven`t been to yet. I watched the little 5 and 6 year olds in the school field pretending they were competing for the World Cup. I smiled at the mommies with strollers taking their babies for after dinner fresh air.

Today I am grateful for simplicity.

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