In with the New

Yesterday the deal went through with my new condo. I am really excited to get out of Familyland and escape the burbs. I guess this is me accepting my unfamiliedness and realizing that I will not be unsingle anytime soon.

My new place is smack dab in the middle of it all steps away from the trendiness of Whyte Ave, intellectual jungle of University, and almost happening downtown core. Within walking (or even spitting) distance to most of my favorite restaurants, I suppose the fact that my kitchen is half the size won`t bother me much.

I now have an amazing view, only catching the sunrise (strategically placed train tracks leading east will prohibit any developmental obstructions) but also sunset over the river. Over 12 times larger than New York City`s Central Park, Edmonton`s river valley is the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America. My balcony will be prime seats for the Canada Day fireworks and the Legislative building which is so nicely lit up at night.

The paths and trails out my front door lead through the greenbelt to various parks and the choices for activities are endless. There are 58 km of paved trails, 39 km of granulated trails, 28 km of pedestrian trails, 7 km of equine trails, and 48 km of ski trails. The valley also includes: 2 ski hills, 6 golf courses, 1 driving range, 29 day campsites, an equine centre, 25 picnic sites, 2 outdoor pools, 70 staircases, 95 viewpoints, 6 toboggan hills, 58 minor bridges and 5 major bridges.

Most of all, I am looking forward to not really having all this housework and “stuff” on my head. Maintaining a property has begun to wear on me and is no longer the fun times it used to be. I remember when I used to look forward to mowing the lawn or shoveling snow off the sidewalk. Those days have past…for now, at least. My highrise has a pool, gym and garbage chute. They are even letting me keep my kitty which is a bonus because what`s life without a little Magic?

I get to pare down my belongings because my living space is a quarter of what it is now. It`s somewhat refreshing to be forced to decide what I really need and what doesn`t serve me. I am ashamed to admit that I have slid slightly back into my packrat tendencies. Luckily I have caught this before any real accumulation could happen. My remedy of moving to smaller digs seems extreme but most logical.

Welcome to the world of condo boards and concentrated lifestyles. I will trade in the space and security of suburbia for the vitality and vigor of vertical living. I will allocate money to condo fees rather than the exhorbant rising price of gas as I will be able to bike most places. The cost per square foot may be higher but along with the faster pace is the reassurance I am indeed alive. I`ll sleep when I`m dead. It`s time to swap from laidback laziness to and energetic excitement. In many ways there will be a shift from isolation to interaction. My friends won`t get to complain about the trek to Pleasantville when they come to visit. I am sure it won`t be as quiet but I have a feeling I may have enjoyed the silence long enough.

Today I am grateful for transformation.

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