Well it`s finally over. Part of me is glad because I have had just about as much beer over the past few weeks as my body can handle. And to be honest, the tension was killing me. I made it past the point caring and accepted whatever the outcome. The Edmonton Oilers made this playoff season worth the price of admission (and it was dear, let me assure you) and then some. Those boys really did us proud. Well done!!!

After making up my mind on Saturday, I was able to force myself through the entire game 6. What a game to come back for! For game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, I ended up at a bar on Whyte Ave but decided not to be greedy and leave halfway through. I left smiling. I was home before the game ended and turned in for an early night.

Now it`s one in the morning and I am wide awake. I hate it when that happens. I believe this is the tail end of my sleep problems though as my life event stressors have begun to wane. My holiday is over, I have mastered my new job and my old one is stablized, I have learned how to drive standard confidently, my cat has passed the crazy “eating everything” stage, my healthy decisions are coming much easier now (tho I still need to work on my clumsiness), my memory and concentration seem to be more acute, I have sorted my finances and made some sound investments, and best of all, I am writing again.

Today I am grateful for inspiration.

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