Hockey Nerves

Sitting outside my favorite tea shop on Whyte Ave just an hour before the big game. I have had to really monitor my game watching as I have found myself getting just a little too worked up. My poor cat, Magic, would run and hide under furniture when things would get tense. I guess sometimes I can get a tad over passionate about it. Who wouldn`t?

Edmonton Oilers are making quite the comeback and this city is thrilled! The whole country in fact has caught Oiler fever. We hear chants like “Hurricanes Blow (or Suck)” interlaced with the constant Go Oilers Go!!! Today is game 6 and they team is back on home ice for a chance to extend the series to a phenomenal game 7.

The energy is building and almost everyone that walks past me here has either a jersey, painted hair or face (or both) and/or Oilers Flags. The hooting, hollering and honking has started. I guess I had better pack up and get to my post. I haven`t been able to watch the games because of the stress levels that have come with them. But I am going to make a solid effort tonight. The last time I came out to Whyte Ave for the game I got injured but this time I will be a little more careful.

No matter what happens tonight, I am super stoked to be an Oilers Fan. I think they have performed better than anyone ever could have expected at the start of the season. They have sacrificed teeth, health and their prized goaltender. I am damn proud of the team that has made it into the hockey history books as the first eighth seed team to make it to the conference finals! Now pull up your socks, boys…this is gonna be a good one.

Today I am grateful for OILERS PLAYOFF HOCKEY!

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