Home from Hawaii

So nothing needs to be perfect. I am just writing this because I have so much to say and I don`t even know where to start. I made it home. There is lots to tell you about Hawaii…Oh BOY! You`ll see. I actually have some pretty sweet video. Not as sweet as the pineapple or mango, mind you. Ok. I am sitting here and my head is spinning. I have so much to do. I haven`t slept in 3 days. A really quick run down…just so you know:

-Oilers: I love them no matter what happens (THIS FAR!) but I just can`t watch anymore! It`s tipping my stress levels!

-My body is lean and tanned but injured…must slow DOWN!

-Tomorrow morning I have to drive My new car and I am super duper nervous. It`s a standard. I know I learned. But now I am in the car all alone! AHHHHH!

-I just bought a condo downtown overlooking the rivervalley! I am soooooooooo excited! I AM MOVING! You should see the view! I am super nervous and excited hoping all the paperwork goes through.

-Now I must sleep….but it is 10:46pm and somehow there is still light in the sky….? Oh yeah…I am home.

Today I am grateful for Energy.

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