Sun, Snorkling and Spamapple Splits – North Shore, Hawaii, United States

Today we all woke early grabbed a quick bite then headed off to the North Shore. It didn`t take long to find that Tony thinks he is some kind of racecar driver. I held on for my life as we weaved in and out of early morning traffic. It was a little busier than we had expected giving Tony Andretti all the more reason to floor it. At one point, we got cut off and just about bit it. Thanks to my hyperactive adrenaline powered senses, I alerted Tony to the would-be accident in just enough time for him to swerve. We narrowly missed the truck barreling in front of us from two lanes away. We survived intact save for a few scratches and bruises on Steph who was trying to change into her swimsuit in the backseat. Phew!

When we arrived at the dive shop, the other two filled in paperwork while I wandered around the shop. It was all you could ever hope for in a Hawaiian surf store complete with boards, shorts and cute surfer dudes.

I am still feeling my sore ankle which forced me to pass on the diving. Steph and Tony still went but I just floated around snorkeling in Shark`s Cove. It is named this not for the shark population (which is almost nil except for some rumored 3 foot white tip) but for the shape of the land. It juts out like a shark fin. I didn`t really see much to be perfectly honest but then perhaps I am spoiled by much more colorful and clear waters such as the Caribbean and Great Barrier Reef.

I waited for the others to finish then Steph and I borrowed Tony`s car and drove (slowly) around the tip of the North Shore. We were in hunt of a good shrimp truck which are supposedly well worth the visit. We decided on one not far from where we were diving but were both disappointed. It wasn`t that great and the service was poor. I guess we are in tourist land so what more could we expect.

We stopped into Foodland to grab some cool drinks then went back to pick up Tony who was just completing his second dive. We made a little stop in town to grab a snack then one more at the Dole Plantation. I just had to get a Dole Whip but when I saw the line up, I decided I didn`t need it THAT bad. Besides I didn`t bring enough money underestimating the cost of the overpriced icey treats. I stopped to get a picture of one tourists Pineapple Split but I didn`t actually try any…contrary to what the photo says.

One thing that struck me funny was the Spam Mobile that we encountered on the highway. It is a big painted and modified van which looks like a giant can of Spam on wheels. I am surprised and a little disgusted with the obsession this place has with the meatlike substance. Here in Oahu it is not uncommon for you to see all sorts of variations of this mystery meat. The most revolting is Spam Sushi. Residents of Hawai`i eat an average of four cans of SPAM per person per year, more than in any other place on Earth. I am amazed that they don`t have a Spam Factory here. They could team up with the Dole Plantation and have Spamapple Splits. Gross.

We were all pretty tired from the long day in the hot sun so we slept early. Apparently the temperature is above normal so even the locals are sweating. It makes it a little hard to sleep in so early nights are becoming natural to my internal clock.

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