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Sun, Snorkling and Spamapple Splits – North Shore, Hawaii, United States

Today we all woke early grabbed a quick bite then headed off to the North Shore. It didn`t take long to find that Tony thinks he is some kind of racecar driver. I held on for my life as we weaved in and out of early morning traffic. It was a little busier than we had expected giving Tony Andretti all the more reason to floor it. At one point, we got cut off and just about bit it. Thanks to my hyperactive adrenaline powered senses, I alerted Tony to the would-be accident in just enough time for him to swerve. We narrowly missed the truck barreling in front of us from two lanes away. We survived intact save for a few scratches and bruises on Steph who was trying to change into her swimsuit in the backseat. Phew! read more

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