Bubble Tea and Beer – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Last night we decided to bus home from Waikiki then Steph and I did some pilates. We munched on some yummy snacks we had purchased at Foodland including some fresh ahi tuna. I decided to turn in early while Steph and Tony went to see a reggae band at some local bar.

This morning I woke up at 6am so I had hours in peaceful silence to catch up on writing and the odd bit of work. I finished a lychee yogurt and a measuring cup (the biggest vessel Tony has for drinks) of coffee. It is another amazingly sunny hot day with the puffy white clouds dotting the blue sky just over the mountains. The weather forecast never seems to change. It is sunny with a high of 27C and a low of 22C EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Steph woke and we cut up a fresh pineapple to snack on. We still can`t believe in all the months Tony has lived here, this is the first one he has tasted. There is a Dole Plantation a stones throw away for goodness sakes! We jogged to Ala Moana but kinda got lost along the way. We chided ourselves for picking the hottest time of the day to go out and vowed we wouldn`t try that again.

We stopped in a few air conditioned stores and then ended up at the mall where we found some sushi to snack on. Steph tried the Dippin Dots that I had loved so long ago…but I was disappointed that they were not as good as I remembered. Not a problem…I found a new favorite. I got to try bubble tea for the first time and well, that was a definite winner. I liked it so much that as soon as I finished, I went and got another. We found it interesting that many of the places in the food court actually shove free samples of their fare at you if you pause or show the slightest bit of interested in their restaurant.

Next we made our way to the beach and had a swim before laying out to dry off. We tucked our sarongs into our straps to cover our shoulders on our walk home. It looked like we had capes flapping behind us. I am sure glad that Steph is not the kind of person that cares a lot of what strangers think. We do crazy fun things and it seems we are both on the same page when it comes to silliness.

We navigated through the trendy area a few blocks away to Bar 35 which serves up 100 different kinds of beer for $3.00 during happy hour. We didn`t wait too long in line before entering the very dark bar. We were happy to find flashlights as their party favors and had loads of fun with them (after I could get the thing to work). One beer had 9% alcohol but what I liked best was the corked Raspberry Belguim beer. I could not be convinced that it was not just juice so I drank quite a few.

I shared a few travel stories with some of Tony`s IT workmates who seemed fascinated. They said they would like to do what I had done and I answered then it was only a matter of time. We decided to stop in a few of the little galleries and artsy stands on the way home. Apparently, the first Friday of each month is always busy like this. I am not one for buying stuff but I found a beautiful crystal necklace. The sweet little Asian lady and her husband made it hard to say no. Then Steph came along and as she is a jewelry girl, we decided to buy one for each other. They almost match.

After we came home, I decided that yes, there must have been some substance to that raspberry beer after all because I was very woozey. The others were not tired yet and ended up going out but I was happy to snuggle into bed. My legs were actually beginning to feel a little sore from all the exercise I have been getting. I listened to the fountains in the courtyard 8 floors down as I drifted off into dreamland.

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