A Day of Firsts for Stephanie – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

This morning I woke up long before anyone else as I had no clue what time it was as I am knee deep in jet lag. The 14th floor apt was already balmy at only 7am so I downed some cold water and changed into less clothes.

After getting some quick directions, we wished Tony a good day at his IT job then decided to head out ourselves. We opted to forgo the gym and just get our morning exercise by walking the 6 miles to Waikiki Beach. We passed several stores and little shops taking breaks to peruse and get souvenir ideas for later. I pointed out Iolani Place, the only royal palace in the United States. It was built in 1882 by Hawaii`s “Merry Monarch” David Kalakaua at a cost of $360,000. We both agreed that we would not mind being Hawaiian princesses.

I commented at how nice it was that the sky wasn`t completely littered with highrises as I would have expected from such a popular tourist destination. It isn`t the cement jungle that I had worried about it being. Not yet anyway. There seems to be quite a bit of construction going on and billboards with plans for brand new complexes and condos going up all over the place.

Steph got really excited when she sensed we were getting close to the ocean. We didn`t even make it all the way to Waikiki when she had to have her first taste of beach. She barely had her skirt off before she ran and dove right into the calm warm waters of Ala Moana Beach. I waded in behind her, amused by her reckless abandon, pointing out her sunglasses at the bottom swaying gently on the sand.

I slathered on coconut sunscreen oil and let the tropical sun kiss my near naked body. It was hot. When we decided it was time to eat, we meandered into Waikiki to satisfy my yen for sushi. Steph was a sushi virgin and after just a few bites of the melt in your mouth ahi tuna, she was confirmed devotee. I was pleased to have one more person to share my passion for this healthy delicacy with. And the worst seafood here is loads better than the best back home.

How could such seafood fanatics be born landlocked? Why would such sun lovers be planted in an arctic climate? We both discussed what living conditions would seem best suited to our nature and certainly wasn`t where we come from. Steph and I shook our heads and chalked it up to life`s little mysteries.

Next we explored the ABC Convenience Store (Hawaii`s answer to 7-11) and inspected the new varieties of chocolate bars and candy that we DIDN`T need. We congratulated each other on holding off for something healthier to satiate our after lunch sweet tooth. We passed by the over priced beach bars where we would have been restricted to their closed in licenced areas. We barely hesitated at the ice cream and shaved ice vendors lining the boardwalk. We just stuck to our belief that something better would come along.

Patience paid off. We found a place way down the beach that let me “invent” a mango/pineapple smoothie topped with vanilla/chocolate swirl Dole whip. This was EXACTLY what I wanted (even tho I didn`t know it could exist) satiating all my cravings. Steph concocted her own version of a Bacardi Pina Colada after buying a frosty and mickey of rum in the store nearby.

After many hula hoop demonstrations, we settled into the grass to watch volleyball and listen to music. Waikiki is not overly busy as it is not quite peak season but the weather is excellent. The soft wind is fresh on my heated skin and sweeps the tendrils of hair out of my eyes. There are surf lessons, paddle boats and beach chair rentals. Lifeguards perched in their wooden stilted stations scan the sparkling blue green waters through their binoculars. The birds are chirping and hopping around cheerfully under the rustle of the palm leaves. The waves rhythmically crash against the light sandy shore reminding me of one the many reasons island life is so relaxing.

Today I am grateful for heat.

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