Aloha Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

In the last few days, things have gone from crazy to insane. One thing after another just kept coming up and needed to be dealt with RIGHT NOW. So between work, social obligations and financial issues, not to mention my strict health regimen, my head was spinning. By Wednesday afternoon, I had sorted it all out. My life is finally back into the position I want it to be in and I feel great! I must say tho, I really feel I have earned this holiday.

Stephanie and I checked in our backpacks (thanks Jay, it worked out great!) then waited to board our flight. Not before they requested that Steph demonstrate her hula hoop before checking it through special baggage. It was funny watching them try to get it down the belt and they said this was a first.

We giggled as we boarded the plane and settled into our seats. Over the next few hours, we devoured several bags of pretzels, a few coffees and cranberry juices and various other snacks we brought along. Steph contemplated the muffins for sale until the flight attendant whispered that they were so packed with preservatives that they “never” go bad. He was aware of our concern for nutrition and gave us a little wink telling us to fill up on the pretzels instead.

Steph wrote and listened to music because the TVs had stopped working. I attempted to transform into a pretzel myself twisting into every position possible to get comfortable int the two seats. I really hadn`t slept the night before so I was exhausted. Finally, I managed to get a little bit of rest but never did fall completely asleep.

Next thing we knew, we were on our descent. As soon as we stepped off the plane, we felt the hot air envelope us. We ambled along the walkway glancing into all the closed stores that were selling leis. “It smells so pretty!” Steph proclaimed and a local standing by chuckled at her exuberance. “I wanna get lei`d! she declared longingly. We both looked at each other for a split second before breaking into a bout of explosive laughter. Aloha Hawaii!

Today I am grateful for laughter.

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