Sunny Days

I suppose things have been heating up a bit in my life. Just gradually but that is perfect. I have been watching a lot of hockey and spending time trying to get my house in order. It really is a lot more stress than I remember keeping up this “stable” life. The trick is not to try do it the “normal” way but to incorporate what I have learned to create a new way of living that works for me.

I got my taxes in right on time and have begun the yardwork. My whole lawn is one giant dandelion and I felt a bit overwhelmed. The renters who were living here while I was gone kinda let things go. I am pretty grateful that my sister and her family came over to help me out. I had done a real hack job trying to prune the trees. One windy day I went out there and just started ripping them apart because the branches tap tap tapping on my window was driving me mad. But somehow we all worked together and remedied it.

The weather has been topsy turvy but that`s cool. One more thing I like about being home is the fact that we have such pronounced seasons. Jason just came back from his RTW and we had a chance to catch up. I even got a taste of camping last weekend at a overnight party in the country. We had lots of fire (firepit, fireworks, fire spinning, fireman) and I met some good people. I woke up to a melodic birdcall and then realized there was an animal outside the tent. I giggled a second later hearing the loud inquisitive meow from the cat. How I have missed camping in Canada…oh wait until I get to the mountains!

Just keeping busy with work and beginning to think about going to Hawaii. It`s going to be good to get on a plane again but I am more excited about travelling with Steph. She has never been to a “real” beach and it`s such a treat for me to be able to share this first with her. We have just begun the preliminary planning and are feeding off each others excitement.

All in all, I feel things have been looking up. I know that a lot of this has to do with my attitude. I was forgetting the essence of who I am, being positive and optimistic. I began letting myself feel weighed down by the normalcy and routine of everyday life. But an easy cure for that is to practice compassion and gratitude. How lucky I am, just to be alive.

Today I am grateful for tenacity.

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