Bounce Bounce Bounce

Sorry for the lapse. I got a little lost. I seem to have found my way back now. So what`s new? I have been working hard and things seem to be paying off. I feel that what ever black cloud was hovering over me has finally decided to move on. I can`t really put my finger on it but I am overall just feeling a whole lot better. I suppose all the little things I have been doing have probably helped too.

My body is getting healthier because of my commitment to making better choices. It`s a good thing too because soon I am going to be in a bikini. Stephanie and I are going to Hawaii in a few weeks. I am super excited about it even though it is only for 12 days. It`s still TRAVEL! Yay!

I also have two new family members living in my house. One is a cute little fuzzy foster ferret. I am taking care of her for the Alberta Ferret Society until someone wants to adopt her. Her name was Iggy when I got her but it really didn`t fit her. She is kinda nuts so I decided to call her Cashew.

The other new addition is a kitten who still hasn`t earned a name. She is jet black with big orange yellowish eyes. She loves to sleep as close to my head as possible if not right on top of it. She also likes to tunnel around under the blankets and squish herself into drawers. I have just begun introducing the two critters and they play well together most of the time.

The other great news is that Edmonton has made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs. I am extremely excited about this because I have been away from good hockey for so long. Playoff hockey brings a special energy to a city and Edmonton does it like no other. I will admit, I bought a case of beer just to get the free Oilers flag that came with it. I am sure glad I did because I got to wave it all around on Whyte Ave last night when we conquered the Detroit Red Wings. What a victory for the number 8 team to beat the best ranked team of the league. I think I must have given high fives to practically the whole city as everyone was out celebrating the win.

I also have been growing a little herb garden in my front window and they are coming along nicely. Now that everyone is out doing yard work, I have begun chatting with my neighbors more. They are curious all about my trip and ask the most interesting questions.

The leaves out my window are getting greener and the beginnings of flowers are emerging. I have sat on my step watching the ants furiously scrambling around to move this twig or that. The sun beams down warming my cheeks and the birds are dancing (or something like that 😉 in the trees. Finally, spring has sprung.

Today I am grateful for change.

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