Welcome Winter

The vapid branches of the naked trees tremble in the wind. The snow whips around in cyclones trying to decide its spot. We had a very mild winter up until now. But the biting chard’s of cold are coming with a vengeance. My house has been making funny noises. Yesterday, large tufts of heavy snowdrifts plunged into the piles below as the temperature rose for a few hours. This is excellent snowman weather as snowballs almost form by themselves. I heard the kids next door figuring that out as they created their own little Frosty Family.

Driving is treacherous in such extreme elements. The roads are not great when Mother Nature is so indecisive with her plans. The black ice and blowing snow create death traps on the highways. Like ghosts slithering across the road trying to trip up my tires. As I drove home the other night, I remember holding my breath as I leaned forward to see through the storm. As if it would help. I turned off the radio to engage all my senses. The whiteout conditions were so intense that I couldn`t see more than a meter ahead. I concentrated on my headlights and the occasional burst of clarity. A sigh of relief, as I finally eased around the slippery curve into my neighborhood.

A lone rabbit sat quietly in the middle of the road in front of my house in the middle of the night. The street lamp shone down illuminating the fat puffy flakes wafting down from the heavens. There is nothing more silent than a snow touching down and settling in to its place on this earth. I watched the rabbit for a long time wondering how long she would stay. She is completely white except for the black tips on her ears which lay flat down her back as she huddles into a ball. Overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness only tempered by the silver lining of peacefulness that comes with it.

Winter is here and it is making up for lost time.

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