Soul Sharing

On Monday morning I got a call from my dear friend Kelly whom I met back in Egypt. She lives in Calgary but is working up north at the moment as a geologist. I zipped off to meet her and we spent the day together running around in her new car/truck/van vehicle which she fondly calls PomPom. We sat at the tea shop nerding out on our laptops but still “sharing energy”. We set up her TravelPod account and soon you will be able to read about her adventures. Kel and I have a very good connection and it is always a supreme treat to spend time together.

We visited friends and attended an environmental seminar before heading to the Sugarbowl to end the evening. After some great discussions we took our leave finally getting in the door around midnight. Although we were both exhausted, we ended up chatting away in the early hours of the morning about boys, travel, and secret corners of life that seldom get light shone upon them.

You know those people who are just so easy to be around? Those who allow you to completely be yourself and wouldn`t even dream of judging you (or anyone else for that matter)? Someone who sees your higher self thus encouraging it to emerge? Those people that when you are with them, the answers flow freely and things just seem to make sense? These people are rare in my life but I am sure lucky to have one solid example of unconditional love. Kel is a true soul sister and I am grateful to have been gifted with her friendship.

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