Slippery Slope

It`s been almost 3 months since I have come back home and settled in. I know that`s not much time but the way I live, it is. I guess I am coming to the realization that one who deals in extremes, is often out of balance. This is turning out to be not the healthiest place for me. So since I have come home, I have had a hard time “grounding” myself. I find it more than easy to just get swept away by the moment.

I have definitely partied a bit too much and not been the most diligent when it comes to my health. I have heard of this happening upon one`s return home from such a trip. I knew a guy who spent half a year in the bar after he came home from his travels because he “didn`t know what else to do.” Now I know that this is not the best path. Sure I will give myself a break and not expect perfection. But deep down, I am aware of the slippery slope I have found myself sliding.

Recently, a few choice (or perhaps I should say, Less than) situations have stirred me from my stupor. I suppose in this moment I have to be grateful for them tho if I am to be completely honest, the pain is still present. The most annoying thing of it all, is that I knew. I know better. I can only give myself the consolation that it could have been much worse (and in fact reflecting back, I have let it be worse in the past) and that I think the worst is over.

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