Business Trip – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I landed in Ottawa and looked out the window to see more snow than I have seen in a long time. And they only really had a few centimeters. I grabbed a coffee and muffin while I waited for my luggage which never ended up coming. I spilled some coffee on my jeans on my way to make a lost luggage report. I sighed and counted to ten while the man behind the counter asked me the same series of questions about three times. I jumped in a cab and arrived at my hotel twenty minutes later.

The conference went well but I was pretty tired by the end of it. I did end up getting my luggage back finally but I developed a cold which just got worse as the days went on. It didn`t help that the temperatures in Ottawa were much cooler than Edmonton. A bit of a shock to my system which actually caused me to lose my voice for a short time. It was really nice to visit with Luc and Andrea before they leave on their South America adventure. Congratulations on your engagement, you two lovebirds.

After the TravelPod conference, I flew home feeling very excited about all the new things that would come in 2006. I had a few problems on the plane ride home as the Toronto airport closed due to bad weather and my flights had been cancelled. I did manage to finally get home, albeit a little late.

Today I am grateful for my job.

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