Best New Years Yet

Between Xmas and New Years, I tried to get a few things done, including preparations for my upcoming trip to Ottawa to meet once again with my TravelPod counterparts. I also wanted to help my friends set up for the the huge New Years party that was in our midst. I have to admit that I was feeling a little strange knowing that we were heading into a new year with no snow and above freezing temperatures. Hey, I am not complaining, believe me. I just have to remind myself constantly that I am in Canada because at times, the weather sure doesn`t let me know it.

At the clubhouse, I ended up painting quite a bit of tribal type graphics all in black light paint and it turned out not so bad. The day of the party, I scrambled around trying to get most of my packing done and house cleaned. I gathered everything I thought I would need for the next 24 hours and headed off to the hall. I found a quiet spot in the Chinatown chill room and finished my conference presentation. Now, I could relax.

I headed over to Thad`s and got my costume together with Mel, as is becoming our tradition. I decided to just modify some previous costumes and it ended up looking ok. I was decked out in black and red which it seems to have been my theme for this past year. After dropping Mel off at the hall, I headed over to the hippy house for a quick visit before Sarah picked me up and we headed to the party.

I was a little stressed for the first few hours because there were just so many loose ends that I found myself having to secure, literally and figuratively. Finally, I got all of it taken care of and I was able to relax. Phoenix Olivia is a dj from Vancouver that had come in specially for the party. I was glad to be able to have time to chat with her after having met her last summer at Motion Notion.

I was impressed by the amount of effort that some people took in their costumes and migrated from room to room admiring the decor. I greeted all my friends and made a few new ones before the time came to pass out champagne. That made me quite the popular girl and I finished my job just minutes before midnight. The countdown started and I found myself surrounded by some of my favorite people. I congratulated myself on hitting the goldmine of friends. After having such terrible luck with friends growing up, I really am making up for lost time.

There was no shortage of hugs and kisses for the next few hours, let me tell you. I helped man the water bar for a while until I had to take my leave to listen to my best friend spin. The next hour was amazing as I was energized and impressed again and again by Jordans set. At the very beginning, he had a few technical difficulties and I could feel his frustration. After frantically searching for Kevin, I found that he had made his way to the front where somehow they solved the problems. I made a new friend called Matt who danced with me front and center where I gave Jord constant reassurance that this set ROCKED.

At one moment, I found a yellow balloon with a smiley face on it. I played with it for a while trying to get Jords attention but the man at work would not look up. Finally, I decided to perch it on top of a table lamp next to the turntables. Um. It didn`t want to stay and to my horror, it floated right off ONTO his set, bouncing the needle right off the vinyl. Amazingly enough, it bounced right back onto the record all by itself after a very short silence. I covered my face in shame while everyone laughed. Jord told me he thought it was perfect and very fitting that now I would find a way to inject myself into his set one way or another.

After being blown away his talent, I congratulated Jord with big hugs and kisses. It was the first time I really ever listened to him spin alone. We danced to Ryan`s set and partied the rest of the night away. People started to filter out and we found ourselves down in the chillroom visiting with new friends. The whole night went really well and although the night started off a little shakey, it ended up very solid indeed. We cabbed back to the hippy house and spent the rest of the day pushing the party just a little further.

Finally, the time came to shut it down. I got everything all packed up and ready to go before grabbing a few hours sleep. At 4am, my dad called just to make sure I was up and mobile. I love that my dad does stuff like that. I got to the airport in plenty of time and even had time for a coffee. I even ended up dozing off for a few hours on the plane landing me in Ottawa not completely exhausted.

Today I am grateful for endings.

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