Chocolate Carmella

I am here in my living room. Surrounded by boxing day flyers that I just finished reading. Its 11:48pm and I think the stores are closed. Good thing. There were some good deals that I may have tried to rush out for. But then really. I think about it seriously. Do I need it? Nah. I will go get kitty litter tomorrow…that I know I need for sure. Bet they didn`t have any boxing day blowout sales on kitty litter.

So Christmas has come and gone. I am still alive. I didn`t go to my parents house. I didn`t go to my sisters either. I went to my best friends brothers house. Confused? Me too. Christmas Eve. I showed up on my nephews steps and I could hear them chanting “auntie!”. It was way cool. I could hear that they still love me. Or maybe it was the 5 tons of candy I had with me. Whatever. I don`t mind sharing. In fact, I like to share.

We assembled the gingerbread house and opened presents while the insanely sweet icing mortar hardened. Then Trina and Omari went shopping for Christmas dinner so I had the boys all to myself. We pasted gumdrops upon skittles and jolly ranchers upon peanut butter chips and dark chocolate chunks. There were candy cane pin wheels, icing icicles and a sidewalk paved in sugar sprinkles.

After we planted the candy Christmas tree for the gingerbears in front of their handsome gingerbread house, we ran around our house playing some bizarre form of tag that only nephews can think up. I was glad to have had my tea because that caffeine sure came in handy…or maybe it was all the sugar. We stopped long enough to have a hour long game of SuperHero Chess. After a short visit with my sister, I was off in my car on the way to give a few tokens of love to those who brought a little bit of light into my life over the past year.

After half a year of not eating meat, I found myself sitting in front of a delicious steak and rib dinner. One of the only restaurants open this late on Xmas Eve happened to be one of the better steak houses. I thought I would feel a little weird or sick or something eating so much after so long but I didn`t. I did notice that I felt a bit more aggressive though. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we made our way to Jords brothers house where we stayed up all night eating santas cookies hidden behind snowmen. Jord found himself wondering about when K couldn`t replace a C. I spent the whole time wondering how I could turn a C into a J. But then I realized that was just crazy talk. Sometimes you can substitute K for C but never ever J. Who has ever heard of a Jarmella?

There is, however, Chocolate Carmella. This I know. I found it in the supermarket and now it is in my freezer. I will love to be able to offer it to any of my house guests. Oh boy. I can`t wait to see the look on their face. And its actually pretty good.

It says:

Ultimate Ice Cream Chocolate Carmella Magie Noire.

Two incredible flavors come together. Miniature chocolate-coated caramel nuggets combined with a smooth caramel ribbon in chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm….

Yes . I agree. I do have to sit here and wonder what is to come of me if I am all of a sudden now an ice cream flavor. What future do I have? What will become of me?

Well. As long as I can bring some happiness then I guess I am doing oK.

Today I am grateful for food.

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