Newly Discovered

So here I am. I am at the end of another year. My first winter. I attended a Winter Soulstice ceremony. I decided that it would be a good idea to actually recognize my first winter in how many years? The longest night. The darkest. I walked the labyrinth and the thoughts that came to me were quite unexpected. I reflected over the past year. Wow. So much has happened. I have changed countries. I have changed hemispheres. I have come home. I watch the snow outside and wonder how I used to hate it. Now I find it so beautiful. It is still cold and that I don`t love but the air around it is magical. I am growing. I am in my house. And I actually feel I am home. I have done some volunteer work which helps me feel the difference. Delivering presents to the needy reminds me that we are all needy in some way. Call home. Serving food to the hungry who are oh so thankful. We all need to eat. The most precious gift I am learning. Is time. I am making solid friends who really see me. I can see past the words and feel their meaning. Hopefully. This takes patience and compassion. We all seem to speak the same language but all the words mean different things. Instead of sitting in your normal spot, change places. See how the perspective changes. I am learning that a whole new life can be lived that way.

Today I am grateful for all.

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