Creating the Costume

So the next big party is coming up this weekend and I decided to help in the decorations. I spent some time with Mel and Thad doing a bit of painting. We were going to go to the clubhouse but they suddenly got tickets to the hockey game. I headed over with Ritchie and kept him company for a while while he worked on his string art. Then despite the Tim Hortons coffee, I got too cold and went home.

On Friday nite, I stopped by to visit my sisters scrapbooking workshop. I brought my costume and made some major strides. While most people were creating albums of memories, I was constructing something memorable. I was a little worried about having to top the Queen Amidala outfit from the Star Wars party. I had researched the Lord of the Rings and decided that I would be a Balrog. You know the monster who gets Gandalf when he is on the bridge? Yeah so this time I was going to play an evil scary character. And who better than a fire spinner? Besides, I was sure there would be enough hobbits and elves. I had a red dress and cut some bright orange material into dripping flames. It was tricky drawing the flames but in the end, it turned out better than I could have imagined. I decided that I would finish the rest later and I headed off to help with the last minute party set up.

We got a bit more done but then some party people came along and the preparty got a little out of hand. I ended up stuck in a chair at 4am and wondered what happened to the rest of the night. Mel and I dropped in at Thads house on the way home looking for a glue gun so that I could finish off my costume. We ended up not finding one but it was late so we just braided Mel`s hair and went to bed. We slept in then just as we were about to head over to the clubhouse (this is where the three room party was being held), I got a disturbing phone call. It took a few hours to get myself back into a stable state of mind which made us a little late. Family sure can throw a monkeywrench into your life when you least expect it.

Today I am grateful for tolerance.

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