Caring is Sharing

I just finished trying to put up my Christmas lights. I decided not to do the tree this year because its enough trying to get this house filled up with furniture not to mention trees. It will be a classic Christmas for me with green glowing mini lights around my front windows. The problem is that I decided to use masking tape to attach them and its a lot harder than I thought. I completed one of the smaller side windows. I may try again tomorrow or perhaps bribe some help with some special eggnog. I think that idea sounds a lot more fun.

I have been super busy picking up furniture and other household doodads. I found this better than amazing site called This is a non-profit organization where people recycle their unwanted stuff instead of throwing it away. There are things like furniture to pets to TVs to coupons to toys to clothes. I have even seen food and cars being offered.

It`s a cool system and I have received many useful items. My living room is now finished with couches and chairs and tables. I have a kitchen full of appliances including coffee maker, microwave and kettle. I have a dresser to put my clothes and a desk to work at (tho I prefer sitting on the lounge in the living room). My bed is a compromise of a foldout couch thingy but it works for now. I have spent many hours steam cleaning everything with my moms hoover so that there are no germs or anything. But now my house is not empty.

I even got a hula hoop and a brand new chrome thermos for my tea. I am pretty happy with my new collection. I also got rid of a few things that I don`t need anymore. It`s good to move things along and not hoard like I used to. Like the saying says, one mans junk is another mans treasure. I chuckled when there was a lady giving away her sons whole playstation collection of 25 brand new games “to teach him a lesson.” And then there was the story of the girl trying to freecycle her pesky little brother.

So my stuff isn`t new or matching but it is definitely functional and even quite comfortable. And when I ever decide to go anywhere again, I can just Freecycle it back into the flow. One interesting thing that I have seen happen very often is when one person offers something and other requests identical items at exactly the same moment. I love to see that happen. What goes around comes around. Come to think of it, this microwave looks oddly familiar to the one I got rid of before my trip…

Today I am grateful for recycling.

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