Joining the Telecommunity once again

So I finally caved and got a phone. It was the best non-commital deal I could find. I really don`t feel comfortable signing a 3 year contract so I shopped around for a Pay as you Go deal. I found a phone that even has a camera (crappy but still) and video and lots of other strange things I wonder why I would need. For example, there is a calorie counter, application page and even picture editing capabilities. I can`t even figure out how to use the ringtones and web access let alone send a text message. This is when those long 16 hour bus rides would come in handy.

So now that these flip phones are all the rage, people don`t want the normal ones so I got mine for a sweet deal of 80 bucks. That included a $75 airtime credit so in essence, the phone cost me only $5. How could I resist? So now I am connected. It`s a bit strange but I have decided not to get a land line so its my only form of communication other than the net. Originally, I had planned to just use MSN and email but that lasted oh, 3 days. The isolation I feel is probably compounded by the fact that not only can I not “phone a friend” but they cannot reciprocate. This means I will probably delude myself into thinking no one loves me and become a hermit. Can`t have that so I now have my first phone number in over 3 years.

Part of me feels like I have lost a bit of freedom and independence. But mostly I realize that I know where the off button is. And I am not afraid to use it. I haven`t figured out even a fraction of the features and probably won`t bother. Like my dad said when I asked him if he ever used his text messaging, “It`s for phone calls and that`s it.” But then he doesn`t have a camera on his. I will be having fun with that one, I can assure you.

Today I am grateful for communication.

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