Doozers Rock

I have spent the last few days running around getting basics. It`s a funny thing when you look in your cupboards and they are completely bare. I ended up putting one thing on each shelf just to spread it out a bit. So there is a cup here and a fry pan there. I went out and bought stuff like salt, tea and ketchup. It`s so strange when you have to start all over with the basics. You really wonder why you really need them. Then you imagine a French fry without ketchup and you remember that it is a staple.

My house is slowly getting populated with bits and pieces of furniture. People are very kind and are lending or giving me things. There is something about mismatchedness that makes one feel a little scattered. But then overtime, things begin to marinate and starting to blend. Somehow, the longer you spend with these seemingly clashing items, the more they begin to harmonize. I am not sure if its just the familiarity or the fact that you begin to see them more as part of a group. But I am getting comfy in my new digs.

Feeling a little isolated still. But I suppose its all par for the course. I know that. Although I expect it, it still whacks me over the head every so often. I am in a fragile place right now. Not be confused with a Fraggle place. Although Fraggles rock, I always had a soft spot for the Doozers. I think I may need to force myself to get out a little more. I also think its about time to end this TravelPod and start a new one. I just have to decide what the next chapter is about. Bear with my while I get my bearings.

Today I am grateful for building.

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